Trailer Wraps

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Trailer Wrap

A Trailer wrap is a great way to customize a portion or your entire Trailer with unique graphics or solid colours. It provides an easy and simple solution to change the colour of your trailer without painting it. You can choose from a variety of options such as full-colour changes, patterns, accents or custom designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Trailer wraps.

High-quality Trailer wrap service in Guelph, Ontario

Turn your trailer into a mobile billboard for your brand or business. We design and install custom graphics, from company colors to business information, on your trailers.

Trailer Wraps are great for:

  • Branding
  • Company colours 
  • Colour changes

Trailer wraps provide a simple and effortless way to alter the color of your trailer without the need for repainting. They can be easily removed when you want to switch to a new design or sell the trailer, and they won’t cause any harm to the resale value of your trailer.

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vehicle design by MKT Graphics

We work with you to ensure the right look is achieved.


To begin the branding process, we create a design or mock-up that showcases the final product’s appearance. After receiving your approval, we print the graphics and laminate them for increased durability.

Colour Change Wraps:

If you’re interested in a colour change wrap, you can select your desired colour from our collection of high-quality vinyls and colours.

Before installation:

  • The Trailer is inspected to ensure the wrap will adhere
  • An installation date is set up
  • The Trailer is thoroughly cleaned
  • Imperfections are removed from the painted surface with a clay bar
  • If needed, minor disassembly is done to remove obstacles that would affect the appearance of the finished wrap
  • “Knifeless tape” is used as necessary to avoid cutting the Trailer

Why MKT Graphics

We use only the highest-quality vinyl on our wraps, ensuring durability. With 30 years of combined experience, our installation methods are tried and tested and proven effective. 

We continue to support our customers after installation and carry a selection of products and services to help maintain the wrap in pristine condition.

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